• Such a great place! You will not be disappointed by the selection or service. I was helped by Taylor today and she was amazing! Quick, caring and attentive! Thanks for everything!

    —Mary W.
  • I had purchased a couple of bras while vacationing at Rehoboth. Several months later decided to call & purchase another, my bra arrived within 48 hrs. I found the staff professional and courteous both in-person and on the phone!

    —Carrie S.
  • Ladies if your bra is giving you problems take a trip to the beach the name sells itself they specialize in sizes big or small staff is always friendly and willing to help you once you find the right fit you will absolutely love your bras.

    —Tina R.
  • Visited the store while in Rehoboth yesterday to purchase some much needed bras. Janetta was amazing assisting me with a fitting and selection of bras. She took the anxiety out of the bra shopping experience. Loved my experience and will be back next time I am in town. Highly recommend, great selection and wonderful customer service.

    —Corrine K.
  • Great bras for women of all sizes! I’ve been looking for a place to buy my bras for a couple of years now and Something Comfortable is the perfect place to go! Great customer service and variety of styles to choose from.

    —Shelby Y.
  • My little sister and I have struggled with finding bras to fit us since we were little girls, we went in last night with the normal expectation of not having anything to fit us. When we walked in the store two woman greeted us and they were literally the best! They understood our growing frustration with the bra industry and literally changed our lives! Very friendly and helpful staff, very understanding and patient! We will 100% be returning multiple times in the future! (We even had my 5 month old nephew with us and they loved him!) Ending note: I ended up wearing a 36GG and my sister ended up being a 32I, so if you've EVER struggled with sizing, do yourself a favor and go to this shop! It will make your life a million times better! Thank you ladies so much again for helping

    —Courtney M.
  • I always have trouble finding bras that fit right. I had a bra fitting there and found out I had been wearing the wrong size bra all along. I was pleasantly surprised that they not only had my bras in my new correct size, but I had options to choose from! They even had pretty bras in my size! I live out of state so I was concerned about the cost of getting more bras from Something Comfortable in the future but they have free shipping and no sales tax even for people outside of Delaware! I've found my new bra store! Such a helpful, knowledgeable staff too! .

    —Danielle S.
  • I always have the most amazing experience here! They have all my sizes on file and make sure to get me the perfect bra every time! I am a larger cup size and I never knew I could get a strapless bra that fit until I came here! Thanks ladies, I don’t know what I would do without you!

    —Emily F.
  • After having my first baby I’ve been left with such odd sized breasts! I was visiting Delaware to see my family and my mom took me to Something Comfortable to find a nursing bra in my size. I told Olga what size I was in and how it was fitting and she found me a 34-I nursing bra that fit perfectly! I will keep my business here!

    —Amanda P.
  • These girls are awesome and helped me in my new bra and I feel like I can conquer the world!

    —Tracy P.
  • Thank you so much today! A special thank you to Olga! What a pleasant no hassle experience for my fitting. I will definitely be back!

    —Cheryl B.
  • Lovvvvvvvvve the ladies here! They are all awesome..especially Olga! Thank u all! They know me by name!

    —April M.

Yelp Reviews:

YELP Review: The only place I will go for a fitting. The service is awesome, friendly and professional. They have a club where they keep your sizes and favorites on file so that you never have to start all over. I will definitely keep coming back. Yelp Review: Stopped in here after a few glasses of wine. Shut up. Ended up spending quite a few bucks. Love everything I got and the girl who helped me was very nice. She was very good at selling me items without making me feel put upon or making me listen to a spiel. When I’m back in Rehoboth, this place will definitely be on my list. I continue to be happy with my purchases. Yelp Review: Love this store. Everything they carry is truly comfortable and the staff is excellent. They know the merchandise and remember their customers. I was pleased to find them open this morning by 10:00 AM while many other stores were still closed. Men – anything you buy for the woman in your life here they will love. Forget Victoria’s Secret! Yelp Review: Probably the most extensive PJ and lingerie selection in the area. They also have Hanky Panky. They do bra fittings too. This is a must stop if you need anything in this category. I enjoyed browsing. The girl was ultra-friendly too. Yelp Review: I walked into this little boutique one day in my break from work. I wasn’t expecting to buy anything. I just wanted to look around because I had never been there. They have a nice selection of comfy and sexy pajamas, bras and lingerie. The salesperson was very helpful and offered to measure me. She brought me several bras to put on which all fit perfectly. I’ve never had such a good bra buying experience. I ended up buying a great fitting bra that I had not even intended on buying. I will definitely be back to buy more! Yelp Review: So my last truly comfortable bra sprung an underwire this week. Woe was me! I wear an odd size, and not carried in places like Macy’s or Victoria Secret, which basically leaves me ordering on-line or shopping at a speciality (more special than VS) store. I normally go to Bare Essentials up in Wilmington, but happened to be working in Sussex County overnight, and I knew this place was there and had received a Best of Deleware award, so I figured I save myself some driving and check it out, despite the fact that their website didn’t look very promising for odd sizes like mine. I got there a few minutes after they opened, got a fitting to confirm my size, and spent about 30-40 minutes trying on everything they had in my size, and in some cases, in the surrounding sizes. The appearance of the woman who helped me frankly did not inspire confidence. She looked very young and very tiny, not the sort of body type who’d ever *had* to shop in a speciality store. Appearances, however, were deceiving. She was great! She was able to find me a perfect bra in a brand that was new to me, along with another in my usual brand and style. The atmosphere was comfortable, even when a man wandered in and spent quite a while picking something out for his lady. Now that’s love. I can’t imagine my husband being comfortable in a shop like from what I could hear, the other woman in the shop was able to ask him enough questions to provide him with appropriate options, and no one seemed weirded out by a dude in a lingerie shop at all, myself included. The curtains in the fitting area were full coverage and nice and secure, which isn’t always the case. When I checked out, they entered my info into a computer record, which would allow my hypothetically willing husband to enter the store and purchase the perfect little something for me without consulting me in advance or bursting into flames when he saw the selection.