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Bras & Fittings

At Something Comfortable, our complimentary bra fitting process involves far more than just measuring you for the right size bra.

In fact, measuring is just the first step and it takes less than a minute. A perfectly fitted bra will take pressure off your shoulders and back and improve your posture making you look and feel your best every day. Our professional certified bra fitters are trained to know which brands and styles provide the best fit plus the best support and comfort for your unique body.

The complete bra fitting experience at Something Comfortable is designed to be relaxed and collaborative and is all about finding the perfect bra and the right fit. Enjoy a complimentary beverage or a glass of wine while we discuss your personal comfort and style preferences.

Our Comfort Specialists will then select various brands and styles for you to try on until you are satisfied that the best support and most comfortable fit has been achieved. Our goal is to help you create the perfect bra wardrobe that will make you look and feel great for any occasion!

The Complete Bra Wardrobe

T-Shirt/Everyday Bras

Seamless and ultra- comfortable everyday bras provide a sleek and supportive silhouette and work perfectly under t-shirts and everyday clothes. It’s important to have several bras in this category so you can alternate wearing them to extend their life.Your bra wardrobe should have at least 3 bras in this category.

Convertible Strap Bras

The solution for many of your wardrobe challenges. You can crisscross, one shoulder or halter the straps to handle many of your wardrobe challenges. Convertible bras work great with your shoulder-baring tops. We suggest having at least one convertible bra in your wardrobe.

Racer-Back Bras

Perfect for tops with challenging necklines, cutaway sleeves and interesting backs. We recommend having at least two racerback bras in your wardrobe, as they will be your “go to” bra in the summertime.

Strapless Bras

Great for special occasion outfits that require a strapless bra. Our strapless bras feature slip-free technology and are designed to stay put – no more pulling and tugging. At least one strapless bra is recommended to complete your bra wardrobe.

Sports Bra

Sports bras are designed for medium to high impact activities and their function is to minimize the movement of your breasts. Whether you have small or large breasts we offer the perfect sports bras for you and your level of physical activity.