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Different bra brands and styles fit differently and while you may be a specific size in one brand or style it’s very likely you will require a different size in another brand or style. Something Comfortable offers 20 different bra brands and numerous styles to insure the perfect fit for your body type. Our certified professional bra fitters use your current bra size only as a starting point during the fitting process.

It is important to be fitted for a bra at least every two years. Even more frequently during lifestyle event changes such as weight gain or loss; pregnancy; nursing; menopause; changes to your workouts or hormonal changes.

If you have a hard time finding the right bra it does not mean you are in between sizes. It means you need to be fitted by a professional. Moreover, different brands fit individuals better than others.  If one bra brand is not working for you our certified fit specialists are trained to help you find the brand that works best for your body type.

We offer FREE shipping on all bra reorders. However, we sincerely believe you should initially try bras on before you buy them. Why? Because sizes and individual fit vary by bra brand and styles. With over 20 bra brands and many styles to choose from, our certified fit specialists will help you find your perfect fit. Also, when buying bras from Something Comfortable you can be sure no one else has worn and returned them.

Reordering bras is simple and easy. Following your first fitting a database record is created with your favorite bra brands, styles and sizes which is updated every time you shop. To reorder, simply call or email us and we will ship them to you FREE!

We always have a certified fitter available during store hour’s so appointments are not necessary.

Your bra cup apex should fall midway between your shoulder and elbow. If your breasts sit lower, it’s time to be fitted for a new bra.

Your bra is too big. The bra band is the most important point of fit during the bra fitting process because 80% of the bra support comes from the band. The band should fit snug around and be directly parallel to the floor.

Most likely your bra is either too big or too worn out and needs to be replaced. For women with narrow shoulders we recommend racer back or leotard back style bras to eliminate this issue.

Underwires usually poke thru due to wearing the wrong bra cup size or using incorrect washing procedures. Our fit specialists do not recommend underwire bras to women of certain body types. If underwire bras always provide issues for your body type, Something Comfortable offers over 30 wireless bras in sizes ranging from 32B thru 56DDD.

With proper care you should be able to wear a quality bra 100 times. After 100 wears bras stretch out and do not provide the same level of support.

This depends on your lifestyle but generally we recommend owning three everyday bras. One to wear, one in the wash and one “resting”. You should never wear the same bra two days in a row because the elastic fibers need to rest a full 24 hours to retain their original shape. By rotating three bras you will extend their useful life. You will also need strapless bras, sports bras and date night bras. The number will depend on your lifestyle and your wardrobe needs.

Yes, membership in our Comfy Club Rewards Program is FREE! Customer benefits include complimentary professional bra fittings, $20.00 per year in gift certificates, plus special orders and reorders on request with FREE shipping and FREE gift wrapping. We also offer complimentary bachelorette parties and Girls Night Out parties for groups of six or more featuring wine and hors d’oeuvres with no minimum sales requirement.

To join our Comfy Club Rewards program, simply fill out the registration form on our “Contact Us” website page or simply call the store at 302-227-6180.

Our Wacoal bra supplier recommends the following alternative to hand washing:

  • Machine wash a bra inside of a mesh lingerie wash bag
  • Fold the cups together, fasten the hooks and eyes and place the straps, hooks and eyes inside the cups
  • Place the bra in the lingerie bag and into the washer
  • Use mild detergent, no additives or bleach
  • Remove from wash bag and dry hanging or flat
  • Never place any lingerie in the dryer

The rule of thumb is a bra should be washed after every time it is worn to remove body oils, perfumes, moisturizers, self-tanners etc. Also, bras should be retired after being worn 100 times as they will not offer the support required.

For your protection Something Comfortable and our suppliers do not accept returns or exchanges once the tags have been removed. This policy assures that the bras you purchase from us have not been worn and returned by another person. If the undergarment has not been worn and the original tags remain attached it may be returned for size exchange or store credit. We do not offer refunds.

When you want to feel cute, sexy or simply fabulous, slip into Something Comfortable.

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Join Our Team

Something Comfortable is currently recruiting friendly and energetic full time, part time and seasonal sales associates. We are a rapidly growing woman-owned independent retail business and a direct Amazon distributor. We focus on providing outstanding customer service in an upscale sales environment.

Our success is due to a sales team culture that is customer-focused and benefits-driven. Customers are never pressured. All of our Sales Associates are trained to be knowledgeable, friendly and helpful sales professionals. Compensation consists of an above average hourly rate plus commission, and a generous bonus program based on meeting realistic team sales goals.

To apply, please fill out the form and we will contact you soon.

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